Learn why Walking is Sexy Again!
Walk your way to health, fitness, and vitality

Urban Poling/Nordic Walking is:

As effective as cross-country  skiing, yet as easy and convenient as walking.

Offers more health benefits than jogging or biking.

A full-body, cardio-muscular exercise engaging the arms, back, stomach and legs.

Involves walking with two specially  designed fitness walking poles that are adjustable in height, have ergonomic cushion grip handles, vibration absorbing rubber boot tips.

By using your entire body, Polers work smarter not harder towards a healthier lifestyle.

Easy to learn and suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels!

Research Shows Poling:

Reduces the stress on joints such as the hip and the knee by up to 30%

Activates approximately 90% of your body’s skeletal muscles.

Reduces the pain experienced by back pain sufferers, as well as reducing tension in the neck and shoulder region.

Is the perfect rehabilitation exercise following illness, surgery or injury, which is why many physiotherapists and other medical professionals are now recommending Nordic Walking to their patients.

For anyone unsteady on their feet eg. due to balance instability, Nordic Walking Poles can give added security and confidence.

Is great weight bearing exercise and therefore helps to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Participants often report improvements in their posture as the poles tend to stop you from slumping as you walk.

Burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking
Increase the cardio workout by over 25%
Strengthen your core and tone your upper body, 1800 ab contractions per mile
Improve your posture, stability, mobility and balance
De-stress your knee/hip joints
Reduce stress; enhance energy, mood and relaxation
Get active with new and old friends.

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